The force and the passion that we inherited from the past, has inspired us to immerse our visitors into the fascinating atmosphere of Rapa Nui; with all the comfort, warmth and tradition that identify with the Manutara Hotel.

Tourist Programnuevo
Spectacular Tourist Program (August-October 2015): 5 days and 4 nights with transfers, breakfast and full-day tour: $180.000 chilean pesos p/p.


Manutara Hotel  Manutara Hotel  Manutara Hotel
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Sello de Calidad Turística

Vista a los islotes donde anida el ManutaraA long time ago, with every spring, the arrival of the manutara announced the beginning of an incredible race: young competitors swam to a small near island to look for the first egg. By competing in this race, they could make their respective chief become the Bird-Man, or the new King of Rapa Nui.

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Manutara is a 3-star hotel certified with the Seal of Quality of National Tourism Service of Chile ("Sello de Calidad Turística", SERNATUR)